Welcome to JerkSpotter.com

Welcome to JerkSpotter.com

Welcome to JerkSpotter.comWelcome to JerkSpotter.comWelcome to JerkSpotter.com

Why we are almost here.


You see a  person acting like a jerk.  What do you do?  Well, that is why we are here.  To give you a place to vent and to share the jerky people out there in our society that only seem to care about themselves.  We give you a place to post a video so other people can share in your displeasure in having to witness the bottom of society in action.


How it works

Take a picture or video of the jerk.   Post it here on our site and then let others have a chance to express their opinion on his, or her, jerkiness. 


Coming soon.... Helping to rid the world of Jerks

Hang in there.  we will be online soon.

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